The team's philosophy of investing in stocks is categorized as company value first, technology as a supplement, trend as the top, strategy as the key, and capital allocation as the key. The above factors are indispensable, otherwise the road to investing in the stock market will become very long and rugged. Especially for very experienced investors, the knowledge of financial leverage and financial business is absolutely indispensable, which will do more for your investment. Investing in stocks must first have the following conditions, learn before entering the market, learn from experience and find a set of investment strategies that suits you in the process. The creation of this team is to hope that through our familiarity, experience, and knowledge of investing in the stock market, every investor can learn stock investment more quickly and safely. This industry also provides analysis reports for busy investors and major listed companies to save a lot of time to read the report.

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Our Services

12 Months Package (Telegram group supports replying to questions)
Stock Analysis Report-Group Support

✓ Telegram group support-(emergency information notification)
✓ Telegram group members can ask questions-three tutors guide (fundamental tutor/technical chart tutor/certified accountant)
✓ Unlimited online views (video analysis/PDF report analysis)
✓ Quarterly/annual report analysis of major listed companies
✓ The report includes fundamental analysis/chart analysis and company prospect analysis
✓ Analyze the hottest stocks/trend stocks/short, medium and long term
✓ Professional team attends AGM
✓ Collect first-hand news (getting first-hand news will greatly improve return on investment)
✓ The team will ask questions about the importance at the annual general meeting of shareholders, visit the company to visit the management or email
✓ Report about 10-20 companies in a month (screening of listed companies will be decided by the team)
✓ Share the latest current news, share oil, oil palm, steel price, glove materials, etc.