12 months package (Telegram group supports asking questions)
Stock analysis report-group support


✓Telegram group support-(emergency information notification)
✓Telegram group members can ask questions-three tutors/technical chart tutors/CPA
✓Unlimited number of online views (video analysis / PDF report analysis)-Chinese version
✓Analysis of quarterly/annual reports of major listed companies-Chinese version
✓The report includes fundamental analysis/chart analysis and company outlook analysis
Analyze the most popular stocks/trend stocks/short, medium and long term
✓Professional team attends annual shareholder meetings of popular companies
✓ Collect first-hand news (getting first-hand news will greatly increase the return on investment)
✓The team will ask relevant inherent questions at the annual general meeting, visit the company to visit serial or email visit
✓ About 10-20 companies report a month (screening of listed companies will be determined by the team)
✓ The latest news sharing, oil prices, oil palm prices, steel prices, glove materials, etc.


Company Report

AGM Report